SAP PD (Personnel Development) incorporates Career Planning, Succession Planning and Objective Settings and Appraisals in it.

Qualifications are object types in SAP. They are denoted by object type Q. These can be created in SAP and can be assigned to scales. Scales are of two types. They are Quantitative Scales and Qualitative Scales.

Example for a Quantitative Scale: Rating between 1-10.

Example for a Qualitative Scale: 1-Bad, 2-Medium, 3-Good

Qualifications can be assigned to Jobs, Positions, Organizational Units or to Persons, Applicants. In the first case they become requirements and in the second case they become qualifications. The requirements can be compared with qualifications. This process is called Profile Matchup. Profile Matchup is used to execute Career Planning/Succession Planning. If a Person (Employee) or an Applicant has to be found who is suitable for a Position or a Job, it is called Succession Planning. (This is finding a successor.) If a Position or a Job is to be found out which suits a Person (Employee) or an Applicant, it is called Career Planning.

Objectives can be set or edited by employees or their supervisors and employees can be appraised by their supervisors in SAP HCM through Objective Settings and Appraisals. SAP has standard BAdi(Business Add In)s to cater various requirements like creating new objectives or summing up the Appraisal ratings.

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