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System SAP ERP (previously SAP R/3) has a modular structure; that is, it contains a number of modules accessible via one login to the SAP ERP system (with the exception of SAP BW and SAP KW).

SAP ERP modules are widely known by their abbreviations. Modules are organized hierarchically; that is, they have submodules (e.g., Fixed Assets FI-AA is a submodule of Finance FI). Some modules are extensions of existing modules, but are not officially a submodule (e.g., Fleet Management FM is an extension of Plant Maintenance PM).

Some parts of SAP software are also described with module code due to support issues. These are Technical Modules.

SAP ModulesEdit


  • FI Finance
    • FI-L General Ledger Accounting
      • Classic GL
      • New GL
    • FI-AP Accounts Payable
    • FI-AR Accounts Receivable
    • FI-BL Banking & Loans
    • FI-AA Asset Accounting (Also call Fixed Assets FI-FA by some)
    • FI-SL Special Purpose Ledger
  • IM Investment Management
    • IM-AP Appropriation Requests 
    • IM-IP Investment Programs
    • IM-IO Investment Orders/Measures
    • IM-IS Investment Support (Grant accounting in the Asset Accounting Module)
  • PS Project Systems
  • CO Controlling
    • Cost Element Accounting
    • Cost Center Accounting (CO-CCA)
    • Profit Center Accounting (CO-PCA) - Mostly for product lines use
    • Internal Orders
    • Activity based Costing
    • Product Costing
    • Profitability Analysis (CO-PA)
  • EC Enterprise Controlling
    • EIS Executive Information System
    • Consolidations
    • Profit Center Accounting (EC-PCA) - Mostly for Business Area use
    • FM Funds Management
  • RE Standard Real Estate (obsolete)
    • RE-FX Flexible Real Estate
  • FSCM Financial Supply Chain Management
    • TR Treasury
    • CM Cash Management


  • MM Material Management
    • PUR Purchasing (Includes Requisitions & Contract Management)
    • INV Inventory & Physical Inventory Management
    • LIV Logistics Invoice Verification (Mostly handled by the Finance consultants)
  • SD Sales and Distribution
    • Sales Inquiry
    • Sales Order Processing
    • Delivery & Goods issues
    • Billing  (Mostly handled by the Finance consultants
  • LE Logistics Execution (Used in MM & in SD)
  • WM Warehouse Management1
  • PM Plant Maintenance
  • CS Customer Service- Servi
  • FM Fleet Management
  • QM Quality Management
  • PP Production Planning
    • PP-PI Production Planning Process Industries
  • EH&S Environment, Health & Safety
  • PS Project System (Also mostly handled by Accounting)

Human ResourcesEdit

  • HR Human Resources (HCM Human Capital Management)
    • HR-OM Organization Management (This deals with the hierarchical structure of an organization. It consists of the object types Organizational Units (O), which can be departments, divisions or wings, Positions (S) which are held by employees in the organization and Persons (P) who are employees)
    • HR-PM Personnel Management
    • HR-PA Personnel Administration .
    • HR-PD Personnel Development
    • HR-PT Personal Time Management
    • HR-PY Payroll (Payroll functionality is very country-specific. Each country version is treated as a separate entity by SAP for enhancement and support purpose, e.g., PY-US. Under PY IMG, you will see a node for each country SAP supports. For the countries that are not supported by SAP, you can use the international version PY-XX.)
    • HR-TE Training & Event Management
    • HR-LSO Learning Solutions***
    • HR-CM Compensation
    • HR-ECM Enterprise Compensation
    • HR-BN Benefits
    • HR-PB Recruitment
    • HR-LN Loan
    • HR-ABAP Advance business application programming

Until 4.7 EE (Enterprise Edition) it was called as SAP HR. From 5.0 ECC (Enterprise Central Component) it is called SAP HCM. The current version being is 6.0 ECC.

Technical ModulesEdit

  • CA Cross-Application
    • Classification System
    • ABAP/4 Query
    • Workflow
  • BC Basic Components (Ofter referred to as BASIS)
  • ABAP Programming
    • Basic ABAP/4 Programming (Mostly used for report version before 3.1 to around 4.5b)
    • Workflow programming
    • ALV Programming
    • ABAP/4 OOPS (Object Oriented Programming)
    • Web-Dynpro
  • Security & Authorizations

Additional SystemsEdit

Some modules requires separate (from SAP ERP) installation. There are:

  • BW - Business Warehouse
  • BI - Business Intelligence
  • KW - Knowledge Warehouse
  • IDES - International Demonstration and Education System
  • CRM - Customer Relationship Management
  • MDM - Master Data Management
  • SRM - Supplier Relationship Management
  • XI - Exchange Infrastructure
  • PI - Process integration
  • GTS - Global Trade Services
  • SEM - Strategic Enterprise Management
  • BCS - Business Consolidation & Sourcing
  • BPC - Business Planning & Consolidation
  • CFM - Corporate Finance Management

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